Getting in Shape

TheBeachFacts was developed with help from our friends at, makers of healthy diet supplements like Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee extract, Yucan Syrup, and much more.   Whether this is the first time you’ve found yourself not so beach-ready or if you’ve never been beach-ready, get ready to shock your body into perfect angles that demand

If it’s Your First Time not Being Beach-Ready

Are you usually in good shape and don’t have to worry about getting into beach shape, but now you’ve found yourself not looking so hot? Do you work out religiously and eat right, but things either stopped progressing or you’re even noticing some sagging creeping in? Don’t freak out just yet.

There’s a good chance that your body has just grown accustomed to what you’re doing. It’s gotten used to it, comfortable with it and your routine no longer challenges your body like it once did. You’ve hit a weight loss plateau. The first thing you should do is start something different.

When you start a certain workout routine, it takes only three weeks for your body to start getting used to it. That means you could have great results from it in those three weeks, but in the coming weeks it will be less and less effective. If you aren’t challenging your body, then it’s too easy. You aren’t going to burn nearly as many calories if the workout becomes too routine and easy.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

stuckwdight-lossOne way to surprise your body and get it whipped back into a fat-burning machine is to alternate workouts. Do this by starting out with heavier weights (don’t forget to stretch and warm-up, of course). Do each of your lifts as many times as you can within a 30-second period (don’t forget to use proper form and control your movements, though).

Now take a 30-second rest. Repeat your entire workout several more times.

During your next workout session, make a switch to lighter weights. You’ll do the same thing. Instead of 30 second workout and resting intervals, you’ll do 50 seconds workout with 10 second rests.

Doing this will keep you body guessing. It won’t be doing the same thing every time and you’ll likely be able to jump start your weight loss and toning and get back on track.

If you’re the push-up, sit-up, crunches, jumping jack type of person then there’s another exercise you probably arn’t doing that you should incorporate into this type of session. It’s called Supermans.

Getting Supermans Right

superman-exerciseSupermans are a great addition to any workout. They work your shoulders, back and help firm up the butt and hips. To do them properly, follow these steps:

Lie on your stomach. Keep your legs stretched straight out behind you, with your toes angled straight behind you (like you’re pointing at someone behind you).

Place the palms of your hands against each other above your head (keep your head in-line with your spine and your neck should always stay relaxed).

Slowly exhale. As you exhale, your ab muscles should deepen to line up with and support your spine.
While exhaling, slowly lift your legs. Your arms and legs should be slightly off the floor, carefully holding them in place – hence the Superman! It should appear like you’re flying.

Now inhale. While inhaling, your arms and legs should be slowly lowered to the position you started in.

*Throughout the entire time, your lower back and hips should remain in exactly the same position.

4 Easy Dietary Changes for the Perfect Beach Body

no-mayoThere are some really easy changes you can make in your diet that can have huge benefits. Here are just a few – pick even just one and stick to it and you will thank yourself.

Skip the cream – Almost every creamy soup or creamy sauce will have tons of calories and fat in the form of heavy whipping cream. Instead, use half nonfat sour cream or Greek yogurt, plus ½ nonfat milk. You’ll still get that amazing creamy texture, but you’ll skip the fatty cream.

Skip the mayo – Yes, the mayonnaise. Put it away. Don’t buy it. Instead, use either nonfat plain Greek yogurt or nonfat vanilla yogurt. They can easily replace mayo in dipping sauces, tuna or chicken salad. It’s full of the creamy flavor you want without all the fat.

Skip the beef – Ok, well you don’t have to totally skip it… but at least cut back on it. Instead of using all beef for your next meal, substitute half of it for a leaner meat: ground turkey.

Skip cracker and tortilla chips – You might say “What?”. But yes. If you buy these already prepeared, it’s almost guaranteed you are getting extra salt and calories in them. Instead, brush some wonton wrappers (cut into triangles or whatever shape you like) with olive oil (very lightly) and throw them in the oven at 225 degress for about 20 minutes.